Our multi-specific immuno-oncology drug ND021 holds the promise to outperform first-generation checkpoint modulators in terms of safety and efficacy.

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NM21-1480 (αPD-L1/4-1BB/hSA) Oncology
NM26-2198 (multi-specific) INFLAMMATION
Fully Owned by Numab
ND028 (multi-specific) Oncology
ND032 (multi-specific) Oncology
Partnered Globally
ND009 (αTNF) IBD
ND023 (multi-specific) Oncology
ND034-38 (multi-specific) Oncology
ND039 (multi-specific) Oncology
ND040-42 (multi-specific) Oncology

NM21-1480 – Immuno-oncology

NM26-2198 – Inflammation

Multispecific Immuno-Oncology Products

NM21-1480 – Immuno-oncology

NM21-1480 is a next-generation multi-specific cancer therapeutic that simultaneously targets the tumor-immunity suppressive PD(L)-1 pathway and the tumor-immunity stimulatory 4-1BB/CD137 pathway. Targeting these two clinically validated pathways in a combinatorial approach is expected to provide patients suffering from a broad range of cancer types with a unique novel treatment opportunity characterized by an improved benefit-to-risk profile as compared to current standard of care as well as other combinatorial immunotherapy approaches currently in clinical development. The differentiating profile of NM21-1480 is based on its molecular design as a monovalent trispecific antibody fragment aimed at highly effective, while only local activation of a tumor-directed specific immune response. NM21-1480 is currently being tested in a phase 1/2 clinical study (NCT04442126) in patients with advanced solid tumors. Numab develops this therapy together with its Chinese partner CStone Pharmaceuticals.

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Expanded Access Policy
Expanded Access Policy Numab Therapeutics AG (Numab) is committed to developing multi-specific antibody-based therapeutics for patients with serious cancers. Numab aims to provide access to our investigational therapies primarily through ongoing clinical trials. “Expanded Access” refers to the use of an investigational therapy for potential treatment of a serious condition in a patient, where such use is not within a clinical trial setting. The US Food and Drug Administration has set forth guidelines when considering expanded access. They include:
  • The disease or condition must be serious or immediately life-threatening with no adequate alternative therapy options available;
  • There must be sufficient evidence that, based on available safety and efficacy information, the potential benefit to the patient would likely outweigh any potential risks; and
  • Provision of the investigational drug for expanded access use will not interfere with, or delay, ongoing or planned clinical development programs, completion of which would enable therapy access for many more patients.
Certain therapies, like those developed by Numab, are made through complex manufacturing processes. Numab seeks to retain the ability to make and supply product in a fair and equitable manner and in a volume that assures adequate manufacturing capacity for our clinical trial development programs. Numab believes that participation in clinical trials is the most appropriate way to access these investigational therapies. At this time, Numab is not currently making its unapproved therapies available on an expanded access basis. In the event Numab decides to consider expanded access in the future, Numab will evaluate and respond to each request that it receives on a case-by-case basis. In the meantime, you can find current information about our ongoing clinical trials at https://clinicaltrials.gov. If you have additional questions, please speak with your physician or contact clinicaltrials@numab.com. Consistent with the 21st Century Cures Act, Numab may revise this policy at any time.
NM21-1480: A novel tri-specific antibody for oncology
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NM26-2198 – Inflammation

ND026 is a multi-specific immunomodulatory therapy for inflammatory disorders. Numab develops this program together with its Japanese partner Kaken Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Multispecific Immuno-Oncology Products

Numab is developing multiple proprietary immuno-oncology programs utilizing our versatile, multi-specific MATCH platform. We are combining immune effector functions, immune-checkpoint antagonism, and cancer-specific targeting to create highly innovative, multi-functional drug candidates designed to bring significant improvement to the lives of cancer patients.




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